Who is Jazzie?

No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

I've really been trying to find the perfect platform to fulfill my purpose. YouTube is great but I think a podcast would be more appropriate for the No Future in Frontin' segment since I'm really just sitting and sharing. I will stil post my loc jouney and vegan tips on YouTube. My Jazcast will discuss … Continue reading No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

Watch “5 Things Easier to Get Than my Tubes Tied” on YouTube

I have never wanted children. Even as a kid my dolls were my hair clients, not my children! I have an issue with others believing  that they know what is best for me. I'm sick of hearing "You're still young, you'll change your mind." I'm sure motherhood is very fulfilling, but it's just something I … Continue reading Watch “5 Things Easier to Get Than my Tubes Tied” on YouTube

So, You Wanna Go Vegan…

Happy 2016! Recently there's been a lot of talk of people trying out Veganism as a New Year's Resolution and I get absolutely excited each time I see someone saying they want to  Go Vegan! I can honestly say that becoming vegan was one of the best decisions that I've ever made. Here's my Story   It's a … Continue reading So, You Wanna Go Vegan…

Why I am Such a Flake & Ways I’m Working on it.

My name is Jasmine and I am a flake. There, I said it. It's a default  of character of mine that I'm currently working  on. Flake; A unreliable  person who makes plans but doesn't follow thru. If I've ever flaked on you, here's why. (Please forgive me!) 1. I don't  always think before I speak. … Continue reading Why I am Such a Flake & Ways I’m Working on it.

“You Should Be So Selfish”

While talking to my good friend on the phone the other day,  she said  something that sparked the idea of this post. We were talking about the difficulty finding parking in L.A. She said it's so bad that sometimes she wouldn't leave home in fear of her losing her parking spot. I  jokingly responded,  "Oh … Continue reading “You Should Be So Selfish”

10 Tips to Survive a LDR

Christopher and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date this weekend.  We had an awesome time and it's been such a beautiful journey, but we started out in an long distance relationship. Here's 10 tips to survive yours... (These are ideal for couples who started out as a LDR versus a couple who was … Continue reading 10 Tips to Survive a LDR

How I accidentally became “Vegan”

From about 2007 - 2014 I suffered from a painful enlarged lump in my throat that closely resembled an Adams’ apple. It was  strange and quite masculine and I'm knot kidding. Men see women with lumps in their throats nowadays and eyebrows start to raise. I needed to get to the bottom of this, so I … Continue reading How I accidentally became “Vegan”

It Can Wait – Driving While Distracted

Hello Loves, Happy International Women's Day!  I see more people driving while distracted than not. It seems like it's trending, and while Periscope and Facebook Live makes seem okay, it's still very dangerous. I made the pledge to NEVER text and drive again and I hope that you join me! You can Pledge here

Friends who grow together, GLOW together: Interview with Jazzie Moore

My interview with Sheena Gates.

Sheena Gates

img_6791What does The Bad Girls Club, Michael Jackson, Shea Butter, and Myrtle Urkle have in common?

They are all important parts in the story of a growing 10 year sisterhood I have with owner of Jazzier Organics, Jazmine Moore. Every so often Jazz and I catch up via Snapchat or on FaceTime for girl talk and for her to get my eating habits and spiritual practices in order on a personal level.

To kick off Mindful/Meatless March I knew there was no one better to interview first for ‘Sisterhood Sessions’, which I’ll be introducing on all new redesigned SHEENAGATES.COM.

Jazz is someone who I truly consider a sister as do my mother and my closest friends. Our journey as women, friends, and business owners has taken us through a series of ups and downs but, we are still here with a bond that’s stronger than ever.

The relationship I have…

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