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 The Power of Forgiveness – My Mother’s Sobriety. 

I learned many life lessons before I was even in Kindergarten.

Witnessing my mother abuse drugs and alcohol as a child prepared me for life’s many battles. I knew early on this road called life would not be a walk in the park. I witnessed and experienced things that no child should have to endure, but it’s made me an amazing person. With compassion but tough skin. Plus I ain’t no fool and can peek game a mile away. (Thanks, Mom)


See, there are so many roads I did not go down because I witnessed my mother struggle down that same block. With today’s drug culture so widely accepted, I’m grateful to know first hand where Molly and Percocet can lead you. Even when I struggled with alcohol, there’s was always a realistic image in my head that reminded me of how addiction can, in fact, take over your life. This is the reason I took control over my life in 2013, after struggling with alcohol.

FullSizeRender 2
Reuniting with my Mom after not seeing her for 4 years. 

The Power of Forgiveness 


I realized that parents are people. I’m 30 years old and I could not imagine having to care for a  child. Let alone 3 while battling a drug addiction. Once I came to that realization, it was much easier to forgive my mom for her past mistakes. She did her best with the circumstances given.

Forgiveness is freeing!! I know what it’s like to walk around harboring pain, blame, and resentment. But I also know how good it feels to let them go. Forgiveness is not just for the other person, it’s mainly for you. Sometimes we don’t know how heavy that monkey on our back is until we put his ass down. You know the phrase, ” I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. ” It’s really a weight holding us down. Walking around with resentment towards others hurts us way more than it hurts the other person.

It leaves us stuck in the past and it affects every other relationship we have, whether we realize it or not. 

If I continued to be upset with my mother about all the May 30ths (the day I was born)  my mother missed I would miss out on all the future born days we could celebrate. Like this one below.


Mom & I celebrating my 30th


Today my mother has 19 years sober! 


FullSizeRender 4
13 years sober. 7/11/2012


She’s also an advocate of mental health and homelessness in Los Angeles, CA. And recently did a TED Talk.  My – Mom- did-a-TED-Talk! I am so very proud of her.  There were times when I was so ashamed of her that I told my friends Flo Jo’ was my mom. I am grateful for Augusta Hawkins Mental Health Services, I am grateful for my Mikki ( my mom’s sponsor.)

FullSizeRender 3
Mikki, Me & Mom


As a little girl, every single day  I would ask God to deliver my mother, and he did. I am sharing this story with the other little girls ( or grown women)  missing their moms.

  1.  Stay strong and remain hopeful.
  2. Realize that your parent’s problems have nothing to do with you.
  3. And if  & when they get their selves together be gentle with them.
  4. Seek therapy ( it works if you work it!!)
  5.  Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t self-medicate ( it doesn’t help but makes matters worst)

I believe in happy endings!

20 Life Lessons from my 20s

So on May 30th, I turned 30! Wow! I’m still a little shocked, it feels like I was just enrolling in Kindergarten.

FullSizeRender 2

20 Fruitful lessons from my 20s.

  1. Don’t drink and Drive
  2. There’s No Future in Frontin
  3. What other think, is none of our business.
  4. Until you love yourself, you cannot love anyone else.
  5. Happiness is a choice
  6. Don’t allow others to make life decisions for you
  7. Don’t have kids if you don’t wanna have kids! The choice is solely up to me! 
  8. Take GOOD care of yourself – MIND, BODY & SPIRIT!
  9. You are what you eat
  10. Forgiveness is freeing
  11. My Success can only be measured by ME
  12. You get what you give
  13. You always have to pay the Piper!
  14. Everyone shows love differently and receives love differently.
  15. Thoughts become things.
  16. If you hate heels, don’t wear heels.
  17. Breathe Moore, Think Less
  18. Live in the Present Moment
  19. If you don’t think your bday is a big deal don’t expect anyone else to do.
  20. It’s never too late to get your shit together.


Happy International Women’s Day! – 6 Women That Inspire Me

I usually get a kick out of Snapchats filters for  “National  _________ Days”. Yesterday it was National Cheerios Day ( who comes up with these?). But today was more inspiring than funny and I started thinking of all the phenomenal  and fearless women that I have the pleasure of knowing or e-knowing.  Sometimes we have no idea how much  we inspire others so I’d like to take the time to express my gratitude for the inspirational women in my life/

  1. Alexandria Bland-Simpson of What Alex Writes I’ve known her since we were 13 years old but that’s not why I love her.  Alex inspires me to always explore my hobbies and business ventures, by always exploring hers. She’s a full-time educator that is very active with the youth and makes a difference in society. Check out her freelance work! She’s also responsible for my lovely headshots you see on my blog and  my wedding photos.
  2.   Moniqua Sexton of Simply Moniqua– After determining to find a “Black Vegan Friend in Houston” I came across Moniqua’s Instagram.  I don’t even think I asked her to be my friend, I pretty much insisted but I am glad I did. She was one of my first clients when I started my skin care business and her pep talk at our first meeting is what pushed me to finally publish my  first blog post that had been sitting in my drafts for months. This woman is bad-ass! A published writer of many books available on Amazon, writes tons of awesome vegan health & fitness  tips on her blog and is passionate about teaching children with special needs. Teaching is a hard job, but she has it even harder with special needs children, but she does it with such poise and patience.
  3. Kiara Sada of MeekNModest.com  finding this blogger was such a breath of fresh air! In a world full of makeup and filters it’s lovely to find a natural modest beauty that inspires others to embrace themselves AND others.She will be hosting her Comparison Complexion Course again soon so make sure you sign up!! She has a podcast every Tuesday; check it out. Many women today fear voicing their insecurities because of what another may think of their imperfection. I know because I was one of them, but the #ModestBeauties I hang with …well… it’s community over competition. We support each other, encourage one another, and as a result grow together.” – Kiara Sada.
  4. Sheena Gates SheenaGates.com Every woman needs a Sheena! This is who I will call when I’m going to march & protest! She’s fierce and advocates for #BlackLivesMatter. She’s also a very dope writer and lover of Hip-Hop, so be sure to check out her blog. Also, a publish writer currently editing the second edition of the Standard.
  5. Ashley D. Freeman of DontDieAfraid I found this Resilient Beauty when she posted a video about mental health issues in the black community on YouTube. We share similar backgrounds and her motto of “your circumstances don’t hinder your future. They are just stepping stones to your success to show you how resilient and fearless you are.” inspires me to really reach out to other young girls and women facing the same adversities without fear. She’s a motivation speaker, writer, and photographer.
  6. Chrystallynn Block of AllthingsChrys.  Chrys specializes in small business coaching, marketing, along with cheerleading “cause she keeps it cute.” Check out her site for alll that she does. I  had the pleasure of meeting this phenomenal lady at her Know New Friends  mixer just last month. In just the short time that I’ve known her, I have learned a lot of valuable information regarding small business. As a creative with so many ideas and ADHD  ( LOL)  I’m learning to” stay in my lane” & focus on one venture at a time. She’s often live on Periscope dropping mad knowledge and also hosts an online book club.

There are many other women that inspire me that don’t have blogs:

Andrea Allen, Brittney Perry, Champagne Bell, Dulce Carillo, Joy Massingill, Marilyn Jordan, Naomi Scales,  Shanell Jett & Sheana McGlockten.

If you know you inspire me or have made a difference in my life but I did not mention you, please charge my mind and not my heart.

I love you all.

Thanks for Reading,

Jazzie M. 

No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

I’ve really been trying to find the perfect platform to fulfill my purpose. YouTube is great but I think a podcast would be more appropriate for the No Future in Frontin’ segment since I’m really just sitting and sharing.

I will stil post my loc jouney and vegan tips on YouTube.

My Jazcast will discuss topics on

Abuse, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Love, Marriage, Self-Care & Self-Love.


Please subscribe to my Jazcast: No Future in Frontin’  REALNESS & WELLNESS! 

I will be posting a new podcast every Friday! 

Watch “5 Things Easier to Get Than my Tubes Tied” on YouTube

I have never wanted children. Even as a kid my dolls were my hair clients, not my children! I have an issue with others believing  that they know what is best for me. I’m sick of hearing “You’re still young, you’ll change your mind.” I’m sure motherhood is very fulfilling, but it’s just something I DON’T WANT! So why is it so difficult for me to get permanent sterilization?

So, You Wanna Go Vegan…

Vegan-PosterHappy 2016!

Recently there’s been a lot of talk of people trying out Veganism as a New Year’s Resolution and I get absolutely excited each time I see someone saying they want to  Go Vegan! I can honestly say that becoming vegan was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Here’s my Story   It’s a choice full of only positive results and I have no regrets. I wanted to write this post to share my tips on how to successfully transition to Veganism. Veganism is not a  crash diet; it is a lifestyle. So remember this is a journey and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Inform yourself

There is a plethora of information out there.  If there is more than one reason that you are Vegan than you are more likely to stick with it. The more you know, the more you grow.  I started out for health reasons then continued to do so for the animals and then the environment. Earthlings  had the biggest impact on my decision to go Vegan. It’s hard to watch but life changing.

Here’s a list of other documentaries I recommend.

Fork Over Knives

Meat the Truth

Food, Inc.

Food Matters

Cowspiracy   ( available on Netflix)

** Warning** Watching these documentaries may cause you to no longer enjoy the consumption of bacon and other cancer causing meats. 

Go to a Cooking Class

This is a great way to learn how to make vegan meals. I found my first cooking class on Meetup.

Veganize your favorite non-vegan dishes.  


I absolutely love Mexican food! Mexican food is very easy to Veganize. Find a milk substitution, a cheese substitution and butter substitution that fits your needs.

infographic-vegan-cooking-substitutions-v02.jpg They even have vegan ice cream! Trader Joe’s makes a magnificent coconut milk based one.  Also, try Meat Alternatives like Beyond Meat and Field Roast. I’ve also heard good things about Gardein although I haven’t tried them myself.  I really try to stay away from ” fake meats” and processed foods so I only use these in moderation!

Vegan Cook Books

I cook more than ever now that I am vegan. It’s almost a requirement for most Vegans, you’ll be surprised at the things you’d find milk in. Here are my favorite Vegan Cookbooks and a link to the author’s blog.

Oh She Glows  by Angela Lidden   I love this book because all the recipes are plant-based. She doesn’t use any processed foods and many of the recipes are soy and gluten free.

Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine  by Bryant Terry  Hopping Jean, Red Beans & Rice, Collard Greens, and Cornbread are a few of my favorites from this book.

Thug Kitchen   by  Thug Kitchen The name grabbed my attention, the delicious recipes makes this one of favorites.

Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook  byKim Barnouin love the recipes in this book as well as the info throughout out the book

Fresh From the Vegan Slowcooker Set it and Forget it!! The Cornbread topped Chili is my hubby’s favorite! It’s a must try.

The Lusty Vegan  byAyinde Howell &Zoe Eisenberg is a great book for those dating vegans.

The Best Green Smoothies on the Plant by Terry Russell

One-Dish Vegan

Drink the Rainbow  by Moniqua Sexton ( E- book) The Sweet Potato Pie smoothie is the bomb!!

Step your Staple/ Pantry Game

The most intimidating thing about most Vegan cooking is all the ingredients needed to make a dish.  Make it a point to grab a new staple every time you grocery shopping.  Here are a few of my favorite Vegan staples.

  • Chia Seeds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Quinoa
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • 100 % Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • Unbleached all-Purpose Flour
  • Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • Medjool Dates
  • 100 % Pure Maple Syrup
  • Coconut Sugar
  •  Cold-Pressed EVOO
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Vegan Butter
  • Chickpeas
  • Arrowroot Powder
  • Dried Kombu
  • Coconut Amino Acids
  • Liquid Smoke

There are many negative things said about the Vegan diet. You can live a healthy life on a Vegan diet as long as you eat the right things. Oreos are considered vegan ( but there’s question on bone char in the sugar ) but that doesn’t mean you should eat them til your heart is content. You must eat organic fruits and vegetables and whole foods to be healthy and well. 

Find other Vegan Friends

Many of your friends and family will say that you are “extreme” for going vegan. You may not have much support. This is where the world wide web comes in handy, I only have one real life vegan friend and I met her on Instagram. ( Hey, Moniqua  girl, hey!)  Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Again, Meetup is a great place to find other Vegans if you live in a metropolitan area.


Thanks for Reading,

Jazz Moore


Why I am Such a Flake & Ways I’m Working on it.

My name is Jasmine and I am a flake. There, I said it. It’s a default  of character of mine that I’m currently working  on.

Flake; A unreliable  person who makes plans but doesn’t follow thru.

If I’ve ever flaked on you, here’s why. (Please forgive me!)

1. I don’t  always think before I speak. So, “Yeah! Sure! ” comes out before I even know that I agreed.

2. It’s usually a social  event. Anyone that knows me knows I can be the life of the party and I’m usually expected to be as such. That requires  a lot of energy. What many people fail to realize  about me is that, I spend a lot of time alone. That is why I have this energy because  I am able to recharge. If I’m around a lot of people I often leave feeling drained. This is why I burn sage! I’m very sensitive to other people’s energy.   I also know if I am at a place that I don’t want to be, my face says it all. I am aware of this (now) and only go to places when I’m feeling 100.

3. My  Time management  is horrible. 
I usually procrastinate  and wait til the last minute  to handle things. Sometimes I realize I didn’t properly  prepare become overwhelmed  and just take a nap.

4. I’m flaking from a previous  engagement.
I don’t know why, but I get embarrassed for not showing up the first time and will just not face you again.

5. I’ve simply changed my mind.

6. I’m  really an introvert. I rather spend time with just one person rather than 10. I prefer imitate settings with dark lighting, like my home.

I’d like to think of myself as a dependable person, however it’s hard to be trusted as such if you are known to flake. Even if it’s only  amongst family and friends in social settings. As a business owner my reputuation is everything and as a person I strive to be better as well.

Here’s  what I am working on.

1. Not agreeing to things right away.

2. Continuing  to be there when it matters most. I may not come to a party, but If you need me I will be there. Ie; if you need a ride, you need to talk, as long as you don’t need money. 

3. Practicing being impeccable with my word. If I say I am going to do something, I will do it. (Unless of course my peace is at stake)

4. Being true to myself  & others.
I know that I don’t  like to leave the house and that’s okay. This also means no excuses IF I do change my mind about going to a social event. I will simply say, “I apologize, but I can’t make it because of who I am.”image


How to deal with flakey friends.

1. Let’s remember to talk to our friends and not just about them. If you have a flakey friend speak up! Many times in relationships we talk to everyone else about the problem and not the person you have the issue with.
2. Don’t assume people “should know better.” I was raised where promises were broken like Ikea Furniture so I’m learning the importance staying true to my word. I almost expect people to disappoint me, which is most likely why I disappoint others without intent.
3. Tell the person how their flaking makes you feel and if they still continue to flake on you, they probably just don’t like you. Leave them alone.

And don’t forget : There’s No Future in Fronting!
Thanks for reading.
Jazz Moore

“You Should Be So Selfish”

While talking to my good friend on the phone the other day,  she said  something that sparked the idea of this post. We were talking about the difficulty finding parking in L.A. She said it’s so bad that sometimes she wouldn’t leave home in fear of her losing her parking spot. I  jokingly responded,  “Oh girl, I know. My mother wouldn’t pick me up from work at 11 pm because she didn’t wanna lose her parking space and we had a garage.” I was laughing when I said this, but it was a true statement. We lived in the jungles in South Central  LA, and walking home at 11 pm, at night was something that should be left for the gangsters.

That’s  when she responded, “You should be so selfish.” In a way, she’s right.

However, that experience  did not make me selfish. Today, I choose to not make excuses for my poor behavior.  My experiences  have made me more compassionate and understanding. I’m more willing to help others because  I know what it’s like to not even be able to count on your own mother. On the downside, it makes it very hard for me to ask for help. It almost paralyzing to me.

Growing up was not easy, I had a very difficult  and unstable childhood but thru healing,  more of my positive  attributes shine than my negative. It’s important  for us to change our negative learned behavior so we are able to reflect and appreciate the positive things learned thru adversities. Here are a few of the things I have gained thru my own adversities.

1. My unhealthy relationship with my parents has allowed me to fly away without fear.

I moved away 2 days after high school graduation  and never looked back. Living in different parts of the country has taught me so much. Sometimes the close relationships  we have with family hinders us from really soaring and leaving the nest.

2. I don’t get attached  to things. Absolutely Nothing.
When I was 6 my mom stole my karaoke machine to buy drugs. Later, she  told me that all of my toys and clothes were damaged in a garage. But she had sold my clothes and toys for drugs. When I left my father’s house at 14 to live with my mother he wouldn’t allow me to have any of my clothes or belonging, I left with just the clothes on my back. I started a new school in 8th grade with just a few outifits, a pair of KSwiss and come weird tan canvas Nikes. I was very grateful  for these things, but I missed my slinging closet full of clothes and shoes. I never got these things back. Having all my belongings  stripped from me on different  stages thought me to never find happiness in things.

3. I can connect emotionally to almost anyone.
No matter what anyone has done, I get it. I have a sense of discernment. Whether a I’ve been in the same situation  or not. I get the struggles of life. I understand  why sometimes we sell our souls without even knowing it. I don’t judge, cause I’ve live this thing called  life.

4. I stand up for myself.
For so long I wasn’t  able to speak up and speak out. Now, I’m able to do so.

5. I know an abusive controlling man from a mile away.

I know the red flags and halt immediately. If you remind me of my father, I leave you alone.

6. I was assigned extra  special angels  to guide me and protect me.
Since my earth parents  were so trifling I got super dope  angels. I know that because  I am still alive today. Even after moving in with two different strangers  from Craigslist  two summers ago. Amoungst so many other strange scenarios. I’ll blog on that later…

7. I trust my gut more than anyone.
I basically raised myself. There was no one ever in my life consistently. Just my inner voice, so I got real familiar with it early on. I know that it saved my life so many times. My intuition never fails me.

8. I can make just about anything out of nothing.
If nothing I have street smarts. I have always been able to provide  for myself  because  I knew I couldn’t call my parents. It’s made me fierce and resilient. I know I’m strong because nothing I’ve endured has broken me.

9. I’m  still a pretty  awesome  person.
Thru everything I’m still a good person with a conscience.  I strive to help others and to be a service whenever necessary.


Dangers of Shame


a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

“she was hot with shame”
synonyms: humiliation, mortification, chagrin, ignominy, embarrassment, indignity,discomfort

From my experience, shame is much more toxic than webster defines it. Shame leads to isolation, addiction, depression, and suicide.It feeds off secrets and lies. I have been doing a tremendous amount of work on myself, and in doing so I’ve been making amends to everyone I’ve ever harmed. For the most part, this has been fairly easy because both parties were already aware of my wrongdoings. However, when you have gotten away with something that you must later confess to, shame starts to rear its ugly head. Shame is what kept me from ever coming clean about this situation. But through courage aka massive freaking balls, I came clean and washed away all the shame, regret, In my YouTube video, I share the story of how overcoming shame will change your life and set you free.

Remember: There’s No Future in Fronting.

10 Tips to Survive a LDR

7b231f962ba0c0eb41ce1cf1157e98f7Christopher and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date this weekend.  We had an awesome time and it’s been such a beautiful journey, but we started out in an long distance relationship. Here’s 10 tips to survive yours… (These are ideal for couples who started out as a LDR versus a couple who was already together when they had to do the long distance. )

  1. Have a realistic plan. Christopher lived in  California when we met finishing school,  the plan was as soon as he was finished he would move to Houston to be with me. This kept things in perspective for me and I knew I was not wasting time in a relationship that would always be long distance.
  2. Utilize technology! There are so many apps out there, use them! My favorites were Between and Couple. There’s a place to keep list (ie; wishlist ladies!) You can even do a thumb kiss, which is so cool when you can’t physically  touch your partner. Skype of course. Avocado, Couple. Skype will also keep you from bein catfished!
  3. Rack up those miles! Phone calls are cool, skype sessions are awesome, but there’s nothing like touch! Christopher and I saw each other at least once a month. He was great about making sure that he either came here for a weekend or flew me to Cali to see him.
  4. Dedicate songs to each other. Google Play is great for this. Whenever we would dedicate songs to each other I would add them to a playlist on Google Play. That playlist now has almost 100 songs, and will be played during our wedding.
  5. Use the distance to get to know each other on a personal level Sometimes while dating we rush into sex prematurely. Since you can’t just “Netflix and Chill” use this time to TALK! and really get to know each other.
  6. Don’t talk on the phone every single day.Talking on the phone even when you have nothing to say leads to arguments or boredom. Yes, you should communicate each day, but keep calls short if you really don’t have anything to talk about.  I remember feeling like Christopher and I were pulling apart from each other at times. It was because sometimes he wasn’t every talkative, but really his ass just didn’t have anything to say, and neither did I
  7. Be open, honest, and trusting!  No LDR will not work if you have trust issues, aren’t honest, or super needy. When your partner tells you that they are where they say they are, all you have is their word.
  8. Use this time to enjoy your alone time.Fart in the morning.  Don’t shave your legs every day. Be sure to stay busy and get a hobby. If you stay busy this will keep you from constantly bugging your partner or being needy and annoying.
  9. Amazon Prime! Unexpected packages in the mail can really brighten your day when you ae missing your lover and with free shipping does it get any sweeter. Be cheesy, and send cute cards and gifts.
  10. Don’t expect support and excitement from your friends and family. Most people doubt LDRs so you may not receive the encouragement you are expecting. I was excited at first because, I really enjoy spending time alone and my own space. I was also on a journey where I was spending a lot of alone time to heal. My alone time was very important and I did not want to be suddenly bombarded with a relationship. When I told my friend that had just moved with her once LD beau, her response  surprised me. I thought she would be excited until she said, “It sucks missing the person you love.”  I was  in bed crying my silly in love self to sleep one night, I remembered her words and couldn’t believe I wished this on myself. Thank God we are now together. I wish you all the success in your Long Distance Relationship.

12. I also think that abstinence is important too. But I will save that for another post.


How I accidentally became “Vegan”

Lump in throat
Lump in throat

From about 2007 – 2014 I suffered from a painful enlarged lump in my throat that closely resembled an Adams’ apple. It was  strange and quite masculine and I’m knot kidding. Men see women with lumps in their throats nowadays and eyebrows start to raise. I needed to get to the bottom of this, so I went to several doctors and even a few specialist.  CAT Scans and an MRI were conducted however no one was able to tell me exactly what it was, or what was causing it. The first time I saw a specialist I was told it was a cyst & he prescribed me a very expensive antibiotic. They were $200.00 out of pocket for a week supply even after my insurance covered a majority of the cost. This helped temporarily,  but the pain came back shortly after and the lump never fully disappeared.

I tried gargling with warm water & salt; this didn’t help. I thought maybe it was due to stress, so I started meditation. My quick temper dramatically improved, but I still had the lump. I also tried allergy medication and this only helped with the pain. This went on for many years and eventually WebMD diagnosed me with cancer and honestly I was terrified.

In November 2013, I was sick and tired of you know,  being sick & tired…  And I was indeed feeling sick and tired. One evening I watched  an infomercial for Nutri-Bullets, the next thing I knew I couldn’t believe that I ever made a smoothie without this amazing appliance. I just had to have one. I also felt the same way about the Perfect Pancake,  Justin Bieber’s singing toothbrush, and the Booty Pop but I was certain this wouldn’t end in buyer’s remorse.   David Wolfe stressed  how the lack of a nutritious diet contributes to many of our ailments. I had tried everything else up to this point  and the Flex Pay made it golden.  I decided to give up processed foods and committed  to drinking  a Nutri- Blast every day. I also started reading the blog 100 days of Real Food and learned some shocking facts. I was surprised to find how deceiving the food industry really was. Labels like “Fat-Free” “No Sugar Added” were horrible. Full of high fructose corn syrup and poisons.This lead me to being a “ Nutrition List Stalker” my 10 min grocery trips turned into 1+-hour trips. I had to read everything! There were so many things to look for.

1. Buying items with 5 ingredients or less
2. White Ain’t Right! ( Bread, Flour, Rice, etc.)
3. Certified Organic Fruits & Veggies. Especially the Dirty Dozen
4. No GMOs
5. No artificial flavors or colors or preservatives.
6. No refined sugars.
7. “Cage- free” ” Hormone Free”  & Certified Organic Meat, Eggs & Milk.
I read a lot of blogs & books and watched many documentaries, but ultimately I listened to my body.  It wasn’t long before my energy levels increased, my skin was glowing and my brain seemed less scattered. I still had the lump in my throat, but I was determined to continue with this lifestyle change. As I introduced myself to new and unfamiliar foods my body seemed to reject the familiar favorites. It seems I became lactose intolerant out of nowhere. ( Which also could be due to age)  I replaced cow’s milk with almond milk.This eventually leads to me trying to become a Vegetarian.  I was actually enjoying a very delicious chicken sandwich I made when it hit me (Not the chicken, this idea..)  I should totally give up meat. I was already doing Meatless Mondays.  I always thought Vegetarian was a little far fetched to me. It was a struggle at first, but I stopped buying meat at the grocery store. I would give in at friends’ house and realized this would take some time, and wouldn’t happen overnight. I was able to go a few weeks without meat and saw such a difference in my stomach. It was finally flat! In October 2014,  I went to L.A. to visit family and decided I would leave Veg Jazzie in Houston. There was no way I was giving up Roscoes’ Chicken &Waffles or In & Out Burger. The first night I was there, I had Wing Stop and The very next morning, I could tell the difference. My stubborn belly fat was back. I couldn’t wear any of the many crop tops I had. Too late now, I thought, so I continued to eat  meat while I was there. The last day I was there, I went to The Griddle. I enjoyed an Eggs Benedict, and it was  the best one I’ve ever had. During my trip I realized I felt sluggish again, my belly was hanging over my jeans and I had not been using the bathroom. So, on October 20th my mind was made up. I was officially done with meat! Once I made it thru my first Thanksgiving without eating meat,  it was easy. I knew nothing would taste as delicious as that tender looking brisket and honey baked ham I passed on anyways.  No pork on my fork, no chicken in my kitchen, and no beef in my teeth. And it’s been that way ever since..
I still made exceptions to seafood here and there, and crawfish season was difficult for me. I decided not to go by any rules or titles. I just continued to educate myself and tried my best. Some days my best was better than others.
I think the body will revert back to what it really needs once you remove all the other toxins from your body. Giving up meat,  caused my body to no longer want animal by-products. My first favorite food as a child was always, eggs! I loved them from my head down to my legs, they were the ” incredible, edible egg! I loved scrambled eggs,  eggs over easy, eggs over hard, eggs over medium. Omelets, eggs benedict, egg nog, everything eggs. Then one morning, they started smelling like chicken abortions to me. I knew then, I had to give up eggs too. I was devastated. Something that was once so delicious to me could actually make me gag now. I know eggs are the most aromatic food, but the smell never bothered me until that day. As I eliminated foods from my diet, I started incorporating new things, quinoa, barley, lentils, and nuts. This kept me from feeling deprived.
Most importantly giving up meat raised my vibrations and awareness. I knew  a plant-based diet was important from the books I had read on spirituality.  Then I watched the documentary Earthlings and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. ( Check it out to see what I mean) What started out as a health decision, quickly became about compassion.  Veganism once seemed extreme to me. Even more extreme than killing animals for our own wants and desires with no regards to their lives or feelings. The lump finally disappeared. Maybe it was from the souls of the animals I was eating. Or perhaps my throat chakra was blocked. Either way, it hasn’t returned and I am glad that it’s finally healed.
Still I had some concerns when it came to calling myself  Vegan.
1. Would I have to give up wearing animal print?   Not fur, just the print.  ( Sounds silly but Vegans on threads are BRUTAL!)
2. Will I have to give trade my car in? Because I have leather seats? What about my boots?
3. Will my friends still invite me out to dinner?
4. What about taco night?
 5.How will I deal with all the protein questions?
Yet, I knew I was making the right decision and I continue to.
Deez Nuts memes
 If you are considering becoming Vegetarian or Vegan try it. You won’t regret it.

Smoothie Bowls!!!! ( Recipe included)

I’m sure you’ve seen them on your timeline along with Hot Yoga. They are everywhere,

Juice Well smoothie bowl

I automatically reject things that are popular because my sun sign is Gemini.  ( Stay with me) Really, I’m a rebel without a cause. When iPods first came out I swore I would never get one, I eventually changed my mind in 2005 and didn’t get an iPhone until 2017. ( It was a gift )

I’m also obsessive, this is why I watch what I expose myself too, cause just one hit and I’m hooked! That’s totally what happened at my first visit to Juice Well

Alexandria and I met up here for our annual birthday celebration. She wanted an acai bowl and I’m so glad she did!


Smoothie Bowl by me! 




  • 2 packages of frozen acai
  • 1 cup of mixed berries
  • 2-3 Tbsp hemp milk  plus more as needed
  • 1 Tbsp chia, hemp or flaxseeds
  • 1 Tbsp  shredded unsweetened coconut (desiccated)
  • 1 Tbsp  chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp  hemp seeds
  • 1 Tbsp of granola
  • Fruit
  1. Add frozen acai and fruit to a blender and blend on low until small bits remain
  2. Add a bit of coconut or almond milk and choice of seeds and blend on low again, scraping down sides as needed, until the mixture reaches a soft serve consistency
  3. Scoop into 1-2 serving bowls and top with desired toppings (optional). I prefer chia seeds, hemp seeds,  with coconut, strawberries, and granola, a nut or seed butter would be great here, too!
  4. enjoy!
 If you make this be sure to tag me on IG : @jazzziebynature
Peace, Jazzie 

The Glow Up! Workshop & Brunch


8-26-178-26-17 (2)I am hosting my very first event as a certified Health & Wellness consultant and you’re invited!

I also have two magnificent women that I am working with.

IMG_4279Moniqua Sexton of The Black Vegan Author.  The author of Simply Vegan: A Guide for Newbies and the Curious and the Creator of The Black Vegan Author, an initiative to help people transition to a healthier lifestyle.


Thelma Green is a certified community health worker who specializes in meal planning, meal-prep, workout routines and more.

These gorgeous ladies of wellness ( see what I did there?)  will be sharing their stories of how taking charge of their health changed their lives for the best.

The Glow Up! Workshop & Brunch an event that includes necessary conversations in the form of talks, open forums and intensive workshops that will discuss topics to enhance the black and brown female experience. Topics will cover divine femininity, emotional wellness, overall and feminine health, the Kemetic diet, living an organic lifestyle, fitness tips and more! We will take a look at how we view the world around us and how certain conditioning has shaped the way in which we live today. We will begin to unmask some of the lies that have been passed on to us and explore empowering alternatives for a better lifestyle.

There will be:

*Food & Beverages ( && mimosas )

*Interactive Workshops


*Group thought conversations

*2 talk segments

*Sisterhood & community building through networking

Early Bird registrants receive first priority on swag bags, gifts and double-entry into our giveaway! Check out our social media pages to find out what this giveaway will consist of!

You can find Jazzie @JazzziebyNature across all social media platforms!


You can find Moniqua @TheBlackVeganAuthor across all social media platforms!


PARTNERSHIP AND BRAND OPPORTUNITIES: If you would like to partner with The Glow Up event series by way of sponsorship, please email us directly at jazzziebynature@gmail.com or moniquasexton@me.com. We welcome giveaway and gift bag sponsors as well as product samples and collaborations from brands that are in alignment with our holistic health, wellness, and positive lifestyle mission.

Purchase tickets here


Becoming A Digital Nomad – 5 Reasons To Quit Your Job, Sell Everything & Move Abroad

We are selling all our belongings and traveling the world!

Good Vibes Global


Digital Nomad – The Location Independent Lifestyle

The term “digital nomad”(or the phrase “location independent”) refers to people who have discovered how to make a living online simply with a laptop and internet connection. A digital nomad is someone who isn’t confined by office space, office attire or office politics. Digital Nomads make their money online through blogging, affiliate marketing, social media, ebooks, coaching and a host of other resourceful methods.

More people are working online, either for themselves or as a remote employee. With thousands of blogs, books, and guides out there, more people are realizing how to make this dream a reality.

If the monotonous routine is getting you down, if you look back at your last five years and think ‘what have I actually done in that time’, then it’s time to shake it up. Here are five reasons why you should become a digital nomad:


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Homemade Hemp Milk ( No Soaking & No Straining)

I don’t trust many of the store bought milk substitutions because of the ingredient list.  They are highly processed and many contain carrageenan and synthetic vitamins. Most recipes require soaking the nuts and then straining with a nut bag. When I found a recipe that did not require soaking and straining I was elated! IMG_4103

I found the original recipe on  Ty’s Conscious Kitchen but adapted it to my liking.

  •  5 tbsp. Hemp Seeds
  • 5 cups Alkaline Water
  • 1/2 tsp. Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 3 dates ( more if you want it sweeter)
  • 1 tbsp of unrefined coconut oil
  • Blender

Add all items to your Nutri-bullet or Vitamix then blend for 2-3 mins until its thick and creamy.   You can also add vanilla to make Vanilla Hemp Milk. This will last 3-5 days in the fridge and you can use it for smoothies, baking, sauces or in cereal or tea.

This makes about 52 oz of milk. You can make less if you want.



Stay Well,