Who Is Jazzie?




Hi! My name is Jazzie.

I’m glad we’ve found each other. 

I Aspire to Inspire & Empower young women to become their Jazzziest selves.

When You Deal With The Real You Begin to Heal : There’s No Future in Frontin’

Thru Raw Unfiltered storytelling we are able to connect, heal and keep it real. No matter your circumstance you can transform your life thru acceptance, self- love, truth, and self-care.

From abuse, abandonment, to alcoholism, I’ve triumphed over many adversities thru fierce resilience.

                                 No Secrets, No Shame! 

I share my stories on my Podcast: No Future in Frontin’  & my Youtube Channel:  No Future in Frontin’   Please subscribe!

When I am not speaking and sharing my truth, or making my organic skincare products, I find joy in vegan cooking, meditation, dancing in my living room and laughing with my husband.