No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

I’ve really been trying to find the perfect platform to fulfill my purpose. YouTube is great but I think a podcast would be more appropriate for the No Future in Frontin’ segment since I’m really just sitting and sharing.

I will stil post my loc jouney and vegan tips on YouTube.

My Jazcast will discuss topics on

Abuse, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Love, Marriage, Self-Care & Self-Love.


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Meatless Mondays: Field Roast Veggie Burger Review

I’ve been getting many questions on transitioning into Veganism so I’ve decided to do Meatless Mondays. I’ll be posting recipes, reviews, tips & tutorials every Monday. Hopefully much earlier than this week. It’s 9:45 pm. But it’s still Monday!

If you have a question or a topic you’d like me to cover please email me at

Here’s my first review on Field Roast Veggie Burgers. They were quite the hit! I go for the Beyond Meat Beast Burgers or make my own but decided to try something new and I am glad that I did.