Six Month Loc Update!

So  as of yesterday, I’ve officially been loc’d for 6 months! Yay! I’m so excited and also proud of myself for sticking with my commitment even for this long and remaining patient.  This loc journey is not just a hair journey for me.  It’s a journey of self- discovery, self- love and self-acceptance. I owe this to my 6-year-old self who grew up thinking my hair made me inadequate. 


I love spending Sundays with my husband instead of with my hair. I really don’t miss spending all day washing & twisting my hair, then hoping it drys in time for morning. Hehe.


Love & Light,

Jazzie M.

No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

I’ve really been trying to find the perfect platform to fulfill my purpose. YouTube is great but I think a podcast would be more appropriate for the No Future in Frontin’ segment since I’m really just sitting and sharing.

I will stil post my loc jouney and vegan tips on YouTube.

My Jazcast will discuss topics on

Abuse, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Love, Marriage, Self-Care & Self-Love.


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I will be posting a new podcast every Friday!