It Can Wait – Driving While Distracted

Hello Loves, Happy International Women's Day!  I see more people driving while distracted than not. It seems like it's trending, and while Periscope and Facebook Live makes seem okay, it's still very dangerous. I made the pledge to NEVER text and drive again and I hope that you join me! You can Pledge here

No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

I've really been trying to find the perfect platform to fulfill my purpose. YouTube is great but I think a podcast would be more appropriate for the No Future in Frontin' segment since I'm really just sitting and sharing. I will stil post my loc jouney and vegan tips on YouTube. My Jazcast will discuss … Continue reading No Future In Frontin’: The Jazcast! (Podcast)

How to Keep it Real

Do you keep it real? By real,  I don't mean spewing your mean or malicious  opinion on social media under celebrity photos. I am not talking about being weave free or about being natural. I mean, are you authentic? Do you keep it real in respect to your feelings? Do you honor yourself by setting … Continue reading How to Keep it Real

So, You Wanna Go Vegan…

Happy 2016! Recently there's been a lot of talk of people trying out Veganism as a New Year's Resolution and I get absolutely excited each time I see someone saying they want to  Go Vegan! I can honestly say that becoming vegan was one of the best decisions that I've ever made. Here's my Story   It's a … Continue reading So, You Wanna Go Vegan…

10 Jazzzie ways to Raise your Vibrations

Drink Water!! This is number one because it is the most important. I really cannot express enough how important it is to drink water! As a matter of fact, I don't trust anyone that says they don't drink water. Meditate!    This has seriously changed my life.  Yoga / Exercise  Practice Gratitude Eat Clean  Stay … Continue reading 10 Jazzzie ways to Raise your Vibrations