It Can Wait – Driving While Distracted

Hello Loves, Happy International Women's Day!  I see more people driving while distracted than not. It seems like it's trending, and while Periscope and Facebook Live makes seem okay, it's still very dangerous. I made the pledge to NEVER text and drive again and I hope that you join me! You can Pledge here

Friends who grow together, GLOW together: Interview with Jazzie Moore

My interview with Sheena Gates.

Sheena Gates

img_6791What does The Bad Girls Club, Michael Jackson, Shea Butter, and Myrtle Urkle have in common?

They are all important parts in the story of a growing 10 year sisterhood I have with owner of Jazzier Organics, Jazmine Moore. Every so often Jazz and I catch up via Snapchat or on FaceTime for girl talk and for her to get my eating habits and spiritual practices in order on a personal level.

To kick off Mindful/Meatless March I knew there was no one better to interview first for ‘Sisterhood Sessions’, which I’ll be introducing on all new redesigned SHEENAGATES.COM.

Jazz is someone who I truly consider a sister as do my mother and my closest friends. Our journey as women, friends, and business owners has taken us through a series of ups and downs but, we are still here with a bond that’s stronger than ever.

The relationship I have…

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