Benefits of Sole’ & How to Make It

I learned about Sole’ a few months ago and I’ve been taking it almost daily ever since.Sole is a salt solution. Salt has the same fundamental importance of water. This is not the same as table salt, but rather salt from the earth. Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals. This is a very powerful salt. There are many benefits of taking Sole but below are my personal experiences and the experiences of people I suggested it to.



  1. Detoxes the Body. 
  2. Liquifies undigested waste
  3. Boost Energy 
  4. Balances the body’s PH
  5. Cleanse colon
  6. Strengthens hair and nails. 
  7. Clears acne
  8. Improves hydration
  9. Reduces muscle cramps
  10. Supports weight loss by balancing hormones


This article is in no way intended to give medical advice or to treat medical conditions.  I am only sharing what I have learned from personal experience.  Please consult your primary care person when making changes to your diet or self-care routine.


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