Happy International Women’s Day! – 6 Women That Inspire Me

I usually get a kick out of Snapchats filters for  “National  _________ Days”. Yesterday it was National Cheerios Day ( who comes up with these?). But today was more inspiring than funny and I started thinking of all the phenomenal  and fearless women that I have the pleasure of knowing or e-knowing.  Sometimes we have no idea how much  we inspire others so I’d like to take the time to express my gratitude for the inspirational women in my life/

  1. Alexandria Bland-Simpson of What Alex Writes I’ve known her since we were 13 years old but that’s not why I love her.  Alex inspires me to always explore my hobbies and business ventures, by always exploring hers. She’s a full-time educator that is very active with the youth and makes a difference in society. Check out her freelance work! She’s also responsible for my lovely headshots you see on my blog and  my wedding photos.
  2.   Moniqua Sexton of Simply Moniqua– After determining to find a “Black Vegan Friend in Houston” I came across Moniqua’s Instagram.  I don’t even think I asked her to be my friend, I pretty much insisted but I am glad I did. She was one of my first clients when I started my skin care business and her pep talk at our first meeting is what pushed me to finally publish my  first blog post that had been sitting in my drafts for months. This woman is bad-ass! A published writer of many books available on Amazon, writes tons of awesome vegan health & fitness  tips on her blog and is passionate about teaching children with special needs. Teaching is a hard job, but she has it even harder with special needs children, but she does it with such poise and patience.
  3. Kiara Sada of MeekNModest.com  finding this blogger was such a breath of fresh air! In a world full of makeup and filters it’s lovely to find a natural modest beauty that inspires others to embrace themselves AND others.She will be hosting her Comparison Complexion Course again soon so make sure you sign up!! She has a podcast every Tuesday; check it out. Many women today fear voicing their insecurities because of what another may think of their imperfection. I know because I was one of them, but the #ModestBeauties I hang with …well… it’s community over competition. We support each other, encourage one another, and as a result grow together.” – Kiara Sada.
  4. Sheena Gates SheenaGates.com Every woman needs a Sheena! This is who I will call when I’m going to march & protest! She’s fierce and advocates for #BlackLivesMatter. She’s also a very dope writer and lover of Hip-Hop, so be sure to check out her blog. Also, a publish writer currently editing the second edition of the Standard.
  5. Ashley D. Freeman of DontDieAfraid I found this Resilient Beauty when she posted a video about mental health issues in the black community on YouTube. We share similar backgrounds and her motto of “your circumstances don’t hinder your future. They are just stepping stones to your success to show you how resilient and fearless you are.” inspires me to really reach out to other young girls and women facing the same adversities without fear. She’s a motivation speaker, writer, and photographer.
  6. Chrystallynn Block of AllthingsChrys.  Chrys specializes in small business coaching, marketing, along with cheerleading “cause she keeps it cute.” Check out her site for alll that she does. I  had the pleasure of meeting this phenomenal lady at her Know New Friends  mixer just last month. In just the short time that I’ve known her, I have learned a lot of valuable information regarding small business. As a creative with so many ideas and ADHD  ( LOL)  I’m learning to” stay in my lane” & focus on one venture at a time. She’s often live on Periscope dropping mad knowledge and also hosts an online book club.

There are many other women that inspire me that don’t have blogs:

Andrea Allen, Brittney Perry, Champagne Bell, Dulce Carillo, Joy Massingill, Marilyn Jordan, Naomi Scales,  Shanell Jett & Sheana McGlockten.

If you know you inspire me or have made a difference in my life but I did not mention you, please charge my mind and not my heart.

I love you all.

Thanks for Reading,

Jazzie M. 


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