Why I Went Back to a Flip Phone

Flip Phone

Every time I pull out my cellular device someone laughs. I have a blue  flip phone and it does everything I need it to. It calls people and I can send and receive text messages ( short ones only please) My phone bill went from $130 a month to just $25.00. Before getting this flip phone in August 2015, I had a Samsung S5 which did everything! Including keeping me from living in the moment and being present.

Here’s what changed since going back to a Flip Phone


I am a better lunch date.

I will actually engage in conversation with you instead of taking pics of my food & taking selfies. How many times do we go out and see everyone looking down on their phones while out with other people?

“We ignore the ones we are with to watch what everyone else is doing. ”

I get lost more often.

I keep an old cell phone in my car to use as navigation, but sometimes it isn’t as accurate as Waze. Oh well, I always get to my destination. Plus, I’ve learned to not rely solely on GPS to get me somewhere. If you just look up, you can usually figure it out just like our parents used to do. Most importantly, I’m no longer distracted while driving. If you think I’m trying to text on a flip phone while driving, you are crazy!

All my Snapchats are filmed at home.

If you follow me on SnapChat you could easily believe that I never leave the house and I am always alone. This isn’t the case, I just only snap when connected to Wi-Fi and that’s usually at home. Besides, when I am having fun, I rarely think to get on Snap Chat or Instagram.

I rarely take selfies.

What do we do with all those damn selfies anyways?

Let’s admit it, we become obsessed.

It’s so much easier to UnPlug! 

I can still have a phone on me if my husband needs to reach me, but when I want to take a break from social media it’s much easier. How often have you picked up your phone to look at the time and ended up on social media or the world wide web??

I don’t find myself thinking ” I should be recording this.” 

I can actually enjoy concerts now!  Instead of having my phone out and recording, I can actually be present! Enjoy the music and the vibes around me.

I enjoy the rain without the need to show everyone that I’m enjoying the rain. 




How do you UnPlug and how often do you do it?

Thanks for Reading!






3 thoughts on “Why I Went Back to a Flip Phone

  1. Girl, in my vlog from last night, I talked about going back to one of my old phones. I’ve already deactivated my IG and deleted the app as well as SnapChat. I’m not reactivating either one. I have Twitter, Pinterest, my blog, YouTube and now soundcloud. People want to keep up with me, follow me on one of those. I want to see if boost or metro pcs will buy me out of my current contract so I can downgrade. This iPhone is great but I have an iPad. I can do without this phone.

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  2. Lol right? I have officially made up my mind though to not get back in IG or SC. Also, it’s going to cost me $420 to cancel my service with sprint but compared to how much I will have paid when my lease is up on this phone, $420 sounds good. I can’t even keep the phone when my lease is up unless I pay $200. So I will be either getting a third job or working harder in finding a better paying job.


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